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How C*m

Dec 1, 2020

We're talking two of our favorite things- sex and weed with award-winning sex educator and coach Ashley Manta (The Cannasexual) and comedians and regular cannabis consumers Chanel Ali and Courtney Reynolds.  We're talking everything from using weed as a tool to help relax you during sex, to using it to help conversation about sex flow freely afterwards in the debrief. Ashley tells us all about the effects of CBD, THC, and even CBN; and gives advice on how to incorporate these into your sex lives, both alone and partnered. Courtney and Chanel tell us all about their relationship, and why weed was such a monumental part of forming the foundation for it. Chanel tells us about her 'smoking safety net' and why it is so important for her to be comfortable with someone if she wants to be high around them.

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