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How C*m

Dec 29, 2020

Hi best friends! For our season 3 finale we are celebrating C*mgratulations and FRIENDSHIPS! Two things that got us through this wildly tough year. We're joined by two amazing Best Friends, hilarious Stand-up Comedians and co-hosts of the 'Unofficial Expert' podcast, Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin.  Sydnee and Marie tell us about how they met and fell in friend love, making friends as adults, working with friends, and what it takes to make a great long-lasting friendship work.  Remy talks about it being hard to be friends as an insecure person, and why it is important to be there for them rather than roast them. Finally, we cover the importance of your friends getting along with your partner easily; along with having different friends for different things while still having a 'home base friend'.

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