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How C*m

May 31, 2018

In This Part: In part 1 we left off at my orgasm after ep 6. In part 2 I re-cap episodes 7-14. Now that I can cum alone-- how do I do it with a person? What other stuff is interesting about sex? We delve into the different topics [below] and I play some highlights from those episodes, and let you know what the assignments were all in one spot. 

Guests on these episodes: Melissa Vitale (NSFW), Betsy Carroll, Polly Rodriguez (CEO, Unbound), Dan Soder (Showtime's Billions), Mark Normand (Amy Schumer Presents Mark Normand), Lisa Raduszynski, Robby Hoffman (The Chris Gethard Show), David Yarus (Founder, J Swipe), Emily Lubin/ Andrea Allen (Hot Mess Comedy Hour Podcast), Melanie Cristol (CEO, Lorals) Ian Fidance (You Up, Sirius XM), Jes Tom (Pleasurechest), @yasmingomez.official & @deeguerra

Sex Parties (Ep 7)

SexTech (Ep 8)

Laughter & Orgasms (Ep 9)

Communication (Ep 10)

Religion (Ep 11)

Gender & Sexuality (Ep 12)

Hygiene (Ep 13)

Love (Ep 14)


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