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How C*m

Jan 13, 2019

We're back baby!! Season two kicks off with with Remy and Charlotte welcoming the nationally syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage. 

Equal parts brilliant, hilarious and kind, Dan explains how to communicate and give instructions during sex, how self-touch isn’t a negative reflection on your partner, what the campfire rule is, and how if we fake it, we will likely NOT make it. 

Dan also tells us why we should “WATCH THE GAY PORN” (we can all learn quite a bit from it) and discusses the Aziz Ansari article from last year, explaining how we can meld male and female perspectives together to understand each other a little better. 

We also discuss the "It Gets Better Project", and growing up Irish Catholic and gay. (IN A TWIST, DAN HAS THE BEST STORY EVER ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD PRIEST).

We finish up with a chat about how and when to tell kids about sex, why sex is not just about reproduction, and Dan’s sex-positive film festival HUMP!

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