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How C*m

Apr 26, 2020

We’re talking *comedy couples*, Christianity, and confusing cums this week with hilarious standup comedian Taylor Tomlinson. Currently quarantined with her new (also comedian) boyfriend Sam Morril, Taylor tells us about how living together unexpectedly has been and how a joke she made led to their Web-Series “New Couple Gets Quarantined."

We also talk about Taylor's Christian upbringing, and how an abstinence-only education may have led her to have "better sex" than her friends but also the guilt it caused within her sex-life. We hear about the difficulties of staying "pure" as well as how she opened the floodgates’ after receiving head in a parked car on a dimly lit suburban street. Taylor tells us how she has learned to set boundaries in order to filter out bad relationships and what phrase lets you know that you're dating a keeper. We also hear about Remy's new family dynamic, forgetting what your exes' bodies look like naked, and all the UTIs vulva owners are getting while banging inside. 

CW: Heteronormative language 

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