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How C*m

Mar 3, 2019

We sit down with the amazing and hilarious mother son duo, KarenLee and Cam Poter from the hit podcast Sex Talk With My Mom. We cover A LOT with these kindred spirits of ours: how peoples’ “orifice hierarchies” can vary, sexless marriages, KarenLee’s personal definition of "cougar", Cam’s "pregnancy scare," and of course, “anal anal anal.” We also find out that KarenLee gets wet at the first note of a saxophone, Cam tells us a WILD “ball-breaker” story, and magically, Cam finds out something he DIDN’T know about his mom.

ALSO: This is our first CROSS OVER episode! That's right, didn't get enough of the four of us? Listen to Remy and Charlotte on Sex Talk With My Mom HERE!


We ended up calling OUR DAD and talking about sex with him. Check that out HERE

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