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How C*m

Mar 31, 2019

We are gearing up for our FIRST LIVE SHOW and couldn't be more excited. Buy your tickets, use promo code "How Cum" and we will see you on April 25th in NYC for a night of PURE JOY! 

But until then, enjoy this awesome episode with comedian & host of the "Yung Daddy" podcast; Lev Fer! We attempt to define what a "fuck boy" is, and how it compares to a "slut." We cover how Lev deals with receiving overwhelming amounts of nudes, talk about different butthole colors, discover a new dating term called “mosting”, and ponder about losing weight & losing boners.

We also chat body issues, grooming, and why McDonald's is so very important. 


Follow Lev @LevFer and us @HowCumPodcast, @RemyKassimir and @Charkasstic


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