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How C*m

Jun 22, 2020

Our Harry Potter episode is finally HERE! Our favorite researcher (the magical Charlotte Kassimir) is back to talk witchcraft + wizardry with her sister Remy and the two hosts of the Potterhood podcast, comedians Will Poznan Neko White! These four Potterheads talk sex and romance in the Wizarding World; Which couples did we wish we'd seen hook up? Who at Hogwarts would be the best in bed? Are wizards using contraceptives and if so, what does THAT spell look like?  Also, Charlotte shares a Cameo that she got from the incredibly gorgeous James Phelps (Fred Weasley) for her 27th birthday, and we get a behind the scenes fun fact about filming. Finally we discuss J.K. Rowling's recent and wildly insensitive tweets towards trans people, the backlash she has faced, and why it takes time to form a sincere apology.

CW: Transphobia, heteronormative language, JK Rowling 

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