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How C*m

Sep 30, 2022

Why is there a trend of young boys being taught to hate women, who is teaching them, and how do we stop them? We talk with Cyzor Church, a boudoir photographer and creator of the "Anti-Misogyny Podcast"  about how he has been combating the teachings of toxic creators through his videos. This episode was recorded right after a certain TikTok creator/ misogynistic leader/self-proclaimed "self-help guru" was ousted from all social media platforms and we chat about if the kicking off was effective, if cancelling people in real life is a thing,  and other creators who are still espousing his harmful rhetoric. We also talk about how people maniupulate others, the science of learning, and how boudoir photography goes against the patriarchy in its essence.

After the outro Remy and Robyn discuss the movies "Don't Worry Darling" + "Do Revenge" and how they relate to these topics as well as how Jordan Peterson feels about incels and forced monogamy. 


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