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How C*m

May 12, 2019

This week Remy sits down with her wildly talented, hilarious, and similarly named friend Ramy Youssef. This stand up/writer/actor has not only been on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, has a stand-up special coming out on HBO, but he also has a new Hulu TV series out (called Ramy) that the New York times has called a “revolutionary comedy.” Having grown up Egyptian-American in a Muslim family, Ramy tells Remy about grappling with his faith while being surrounded by the pressures and temptations of the average 20-something. We chat about everything from the anxieties of casual sex to how Ramy’s sense of self was affected  after 9/11. He’s the best.

ALSO Ramy tries Charlotte’s Helix mattress and loves it. Everyone should get one.


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