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How C*m

Nov 4, 2023

Goddess/ sex educator Lola Jean and comedian/ Remy's bestie Betsy Carroll are BACK (both returning guests from earlier seasons, but together for the first time) and they are talking about Cirque Du Squirt-- a "sex freak show/ carnival" that Lola curates and stars in to celebrate her title of the 'World Record Holder of Volume Squirting.' Remy and Betsy attended the sex show and talk about their hesitations about going (spoiler: Betsy had none, Remy had a lot), the various games they played and acts they witnessed, how Lola got her title as top squirter in the world, and how everyone feels about Remy's O drought. Maybe drought is the wrong word at this point because the orgasms HAVE occurred-- it's just not as easy anymore. So Betsy and Lola both give Remy assignments! We also talk about new classes that Lola is offering as well as sober and fun sex parties she hosts.

 TW: Blood, needles, food and sex

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