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How C*m

May 4, 2020

Trigger warning: suicidal ideation, substance abuse and death- but it's a really fun one, we swear! 

This week we’re joined by Instagram God, Legend, "Daddy," (whichever you prefer--)Tank Sinatra - AKA George Resch; the man behind the memes and @TanksGoodNews. In this episode we discuss Nanny's legacy, how Remy is coping with her very recent death (recorded in early December 2019), and George tells us how his relationship with his late grandmother shaped him for the best.

We talk about dealing with loss, why death exists, and how to stay positive through dark times.  Tank talks us through his sobriety journey, hitting rock bottom, and how to turn your life around by seeking out the good. We discuss how to go from co-dependent to healthy committed relationship, and  why you shouldn't search for someone to "complete" you. Finally we talk family drama, parenting tips, stoic philosophy, and almost as if Nanny had requested it herself: GOSSIP. Why do we love it, and is it what makes us human?  

CW: Heteronormative + binary language

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Books and Authors mentioned:

The Missing Piece - Shell Silverstein

The Obstacle is The Way- Ryan Holiday

The Daily Stoic- Ryan Holiday

Authors/ Thinkers:

Emmet Fox

Ekhart Tolle

Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations with God

Dale Carnegie- How to Win Friends and Influence People