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How C*m

Oct 13, 2021


We are honored to have Anna Lee, co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at Lioness on to talk about the world's first smart vibrator that helps improve your orgasms through biofeedback technology; using it to track, compare, and deliver you your orgasm data!

We discuss the three different types of orgasms; the avalanche, volcano, and the ocean, what they look like on a graph and how the features that you can use to explore your orgasm data further. We discuss how the toy can be used anally and in conjunction with other toys and still track your orgasm, as well as the many experiments Anna has performed. Finally, we discuss the features of the Lioness app and how user's can opt-in to share their data with researchers to help further what we know about sexual health.

Four our c*mgrats this week we have a National Coming Out Day exclusive with c*mpanion Abby! We hear all about their experience topping a girl for the first time and making her c*m. Abby talks about what their coming out journey was like, including coming out to themself, their mum, and their friends. Finally, we discuss solo sex, what toys Abby prefers, and the struggle with manual masturbation.


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