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How C*m

Jul 6, 2020

Our first Ballroom episode! Sydney Baloue (AKA Syd Xtravaganza) is a ballroom archivist and historian as well as a producer of HBO Max's Legendary who joins us to define Ballroom Culture and discuss how it is crossing over to the mainstream. We define Ballroom terms; the different categories of Vogue, Dip vs. Deathdrop, Shade vs. Reading, and the various types of Queens. We talk 'Realness' and Trans identity in ballroom, how sex and sexuality are expressed in ballroom, and finally Sex Work, lack of protection, and discrimination in the ballroom community. This week we encourage Cumpanions to donate to The Okra Project and For the Gworls. DM your receipts for a personalized video!


Not familiar with Ballroom? We encourage you to watch Paris is Burning if you haven’t already before you listen.

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