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Jun 19, 2023

June 12th, 2023: We are living through an incredible moment in the history of ufology. The events, incidents and revelations that have occurred during the last weeks—regardless of what their eventual outcomes may be—have shaken the foundations of many human-centric beliefs and may well force us to look at the universe, and our place in it, with fresh eyes.

Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrived Craft Of Non-Human Origin 

EXCLUSIVE: Crashed UFO recovered by the US military 'distorted space and time,' leaving one investigator 'nauseous and disoriented' when he went in and discovered it was much larger inside than out, attorney for whistleblowers reveals

Aliens have 'murdered' human beings during 'malevolent events', whistleblower claims

Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky

EXCLUSIVE: Marine vet breaks 14-year silence to make astonishing claim that his six-man unit saw a hovering octagonal UFO being loaded with WEAPONS by unmarked US forces who threatened them at gunpoint while serving in Indonesia in 2009

Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer's Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch! 

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