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No Bad Dogs Podcast

Jul 23, 2020

Hey guys! Hope you all are well, this is a great dog training episode with a dog owner that needs a little navigation with her GSD. Her German Shepherd has bitten a couple of people and NEEDS direction on how to eliminate any future incidences. At what point is it the people's fault? Can you keep a dog with a bite history safe? What training should you do moving forward? All of these things are covered in this episode!  

Thanks so much for listening to the No Bad Dogs podcast with professional dog trainer Tom Davis! I hope you guys enjoy and benefit from this conversation and as always, THANK YOU for listening! Every podcast episode we are giving away FREE No Bad Dogs merch! All you have to do is review the podcast on your platform and screenshot the review and DM the review to me on Instagram! If you've already done that, screenshot the screen and share it on your IG story and tag me @tomdavis!  YOU CAN ENTER EVERY EPISODE!