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No Bad Dogs Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Hey guys, Welcome back to the award-winning NO BAD DOGS podcast with your host Tom Davis! Today I talk with one of my online training clients about a dog they rescued off the streets essentially. This dog is great other than attacking the other dogs he lives with over food. In this episode, we discuss exercises to do to help reduce the risk of this happening as well as training to be proactive from it happening altogether.  Some other topics discussed in this episode include finding the right dog trainer for you and dog training certifications. 

Thanks so much for listening to the No Bad Dogs podcast with professional dog trainer Tom Davis! I hope you guys enjoy and benefit from this conversation and as always, THANK YOU for listening! Every podcast episode we are giving away FREE No Bad Dogs merch! All you have to do is review the podcast on your platform and screenshot the review and DM the review to me on Instagram! If you've already done that, screenshot the screen and share it on your IG story and tag me @tomdavis!  YOU CAN ENTER EVERY EPISODE! 

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