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Jeffery Combs - GMS Podcast

Oct 31, 2012

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1. Habits shape your life. 2. Why we have bad habits (Events) 3. Do you have habits that hinder you? 4. To transform you must transform your habits. 5. The top habits that hinder: A. Procrastination B. Addictions C. Accruing Debt D. Being Late 6. I want to change but I don't know how. I've tried everything. 7. How to...

Oct 26, 2012

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Do you procrastinate or avoid prospecting? Do you wonder what to say, when to say it, and how to say it? Join Jeffery Combs and Susan Sly for FREE prospecting training! Jeff & Susan are 2 highly esteemed mentors and self-created Millionaires who have mastered this art - on this call, Jeff will prospects LIVE and In The...

Oct 24, 2012

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1. Do you have the proper thoughts, feelings, emotions and ethics to be prosperous and wealthy? 2. Removing conflict from your mind regarding money. 3. Changing your dialogue with money. 4. You have been conditioned to give not to receive. 5. Who are your prosperity mentors (Money Mentors). 6. Trading time for dollars,...

Oct 17, 2012

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1. Who am I? 2. Who do I want to become? 3. Letting go of the past. 4. Be patient - "I am patient" 5. New habits, skills, mindset 6. Mastering a new emotional state. 7. How long does it take? 8. One day at a time. 9. Traction. Creating the compound effect. 10. The new you. Staying the new you. 11. Living in the...

Oct 10, 2012

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People are generally drawn (Attracted) to each other when they perceive similarities with each other. These perceived similarities allow us to begin forming connections with each other, and often times it is our intuition that allows us to "click" with another person in the first few moments of a conversation. This is...