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Jeffery Combs - GMS Podcast

Jan 30, 2013

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1. Are you accountable to yourself? Do you set yourself up for success by taking a step toward your goals and dreams each day? Success is about the habits you create through the actions you perform on a daily basis. 2. Do you have a system you are accountable to? In today's world, you require a simple system to expose...

Jan 23, 2013

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1. Inspiration is a decision. 2. Inspiration VS. Motivation 3. Inspiration is a silent powerful energy. 4. Why aren't you inspired? 5. Procrastination - Inspiration 6. Find your pain, find your Inspiration. 7. Pay the price 8. Consistency is inspiration. 9. Inspiration in centrifugal force used to pull you...

Jan 16, 2013

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1. How does anger effect your life and your business? (Addictions) 2. If you carry unresolved anger, that is the effect. What is the cause? 3. Anger in the family growing up. 4. The Faces Of Anger: A. Angry Giver B. Angry Producer C. Rage-aholic D. Uncontrollable Anger E. Angry Procrastinator F. Passive Aggressive...

Jan 9, 2013

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1. The "Get it done now habit". 2. Why most people don't have "A sense of urgency" 3. Changing the habits and mindset one day at a time. 4. Develop boundaries, learn how to say no. 5. Become organized and structured. 6. Become a multi-tasker. 7. Relaxed intensity, letting go of control 8. Have goals, aspirations...

Jan 2, 2013

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Welcome to 2013 - this call will assist you to create clarity in setting clear short-term and long-term goals for this year, and then most importantly GETTING THOSE GOALS!! 1. Intention 2. Decision 3. Setting goals so big I have an excuse to procrastinate. 4. Not setting goals because I never achieve them. 5....