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Jeffery Combs - GMS Podcast

Jun 26, 2013

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1. The words you say create your action 2. Committing to the process of change one day at a time 3. Why you do what you do 4. Create a new awareness 5. The cause that creates your effect 6. Breaking the cycle 7. The inner game 8. Action is paramount 9. Your mindset 10. Becoming a professional 11. From addition to...

Jun 19, 2013

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On this Weeks call Jeff addresses all of these key points in Receiving Mastery. 1. Is it better to give than receive 2. Why do we put other people first 3. How guilt disempowers you 4. Letting go of guilt and shame 5. Asking, Receiving, Deserving 6. Deserve - Latin for - "Day of Service" 7. Service and value is how you...

Jun 12, 2013

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1. Sacrifice short term for long term 2. What are you willing to let go of 3. What you do daily 4. Procrastination VS. Production 5. Devoting the time 6. Mastering the emotional skills to stay focused 7. Doing "Whatever it takes" 8. Living "Whatever it takes" - Understanding "What it takes" 9. The habits, skills,...

Jun 5, 2013

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1. Influence yourself first 2. Who has influenced you 3. Changing your influence 4. Your word dictates your results 5. Changing your self talk 6. Awareness, you cannot change what you are not aware of 7. Letting Go 8. The keys to asking clearly defined questions about the outcome you seek 9. Persuasion Influence 10.The...