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Jeffery Combs - GMS Podcast

Dec 31, 2014

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Susan has earned in excess of $11 million in the industry of network marketing. In her current company, Susan’s team generates almost 20% of global sales volume and has produced numerous six and seven figure income earners. She has helped 18 people on her team become millionaires and almost one hundred become six...

Dec 24, 2014

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1. Your why 2. Why you do what you do 3. Cause & Effect 4. Clearly defined goals 5. Motivation VS. Inspiration 6. Inspiration is a mindset 7. Most of population is not inspired 8. Be Inspired, Stay inspired 9. Inspiration is silent power emotional etheric energy 10. Organized, Systemized, Methodical 11. Inspiration is...

Dec 17, 2014

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1. The 30 day anger detox 2. Guilt,Shame,Blame,Resentment,Unresolved anger 3. What does anger look like? 4. What creates anger? 5. How did I become angry? 6. When the pain is great enough 7. How does being perfect equal being angry 8. Never good enough equals always angry 9. Why is it hard to let go of anger? 10. How...

Dec 10, 2014

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1. The effects of guilt 2. Guilt and Resentment 3. Guilty all the time 4. How did i get this way? 5. The effects and the perception 6. The passive aggressive people from your past 7. The aggressive personality from your past 8. The dysfunction household 9. Guilt as an identity 10. Co-Dependence 11. Guilt and the role...

Dec 3, 2014

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For the past four years Alexis Romano has coached, inspired, and motivated hundreds of people and helped transformed their lives; not only physically, but financially, emotionally, and spiritually. She has replaced her six figure income as a high school counselor for over 20 years and is assisting others on her team to...