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Jeffery Combs - GMS Podcast

Dec 27, 2017

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1) Your past: What was your story 2) Holding onto your old identity 3) Letting go of your story that does not serve you 4) Letting go of the events that created your story 5) The transformation of your story 6) The pain of your story & connecting with others 7) The breakthrough process of your story 8) How your story...

Dec 20, 2017

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Pamela Barnum has twenty-years experience working in the criminal justice system, first as an undercover police officer and then as a prosecuting attorney. She and her husband Kevin walked away from six-figure salaries to pursue the profession of network marketing for time and financial freedom. She has received...

Dec 13, 2017

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1) What is said, what is meant 2) Eyes, eye contact 3) Unconscious flexing & flinching 4) Listening to words of non-commitment 5) "I guess" 6) Posture and stance 7) Tone and voice 8) Reading the tells 9) Trust your feelings 10) Crossing of legs and arms while talking 11) Trusting what you see and know 12) Being an...

Dec 6, 2017

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1) You are an unfinished masterpiece 2) Reinventing yourself 3) Understanding your past 4) Letting go of your past 5) Separating your feelings from the events 6) The recovery process 7) Clarity - Vision 8) Articulating your feelings 9) Your belief determines your experience 10) Action and accomplishment 11) Living in a...