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Are you afraid of the dark?…Or are you Into the Knight?…

For Moon Knight fans, old and new! The HIGH PRIESTS OF KHONSHU Rey covers everything he can on the Moon’s Knight of Vengeance- latest news, rumours and wishes; current runs and classic arcs; spotlights on key characters; TV and film as well as video games and action figures!

Nothing left is sacred…except perhaps their reverence for Khonshu…come listen to the podcast or join Rey hemabd a rotating cast of co-hosts  social on media…let us be the voices in YOUR head!

Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

May 28, 2022


High Priests Rebecca and Rey return to resume their coverage of the current Moon Knight run from the pen of Jed MacKay and art by Alessandro Cappuccio and Rachelle Rosenberg...

The excitement never let's up!


Moon Knight Vol. 9 #11 - 'The Killing Time Pt. 1'

Released May 26th, 2022





BARE BONES (Written by Wiki): 

Arriving in New Jersey overlooking the warehouse Waxman confessed to holding Dr. Andrea StermanMoon Knight talks rules of engagement with Tigra and Rutherford Winner. Moon Knight prioritizes Andrea's rescue, even at the cost of losing Zodiac, as tonight has been ugly and Marc has no qualms on making it any uglier. As the trio make their way deeper performing stealth takedowns, they find Andrea in Jigsaw's custody with threat of torture, enraged at Moon Knight's last attack on him and narrating his recruitment by Zodiac.

As Tigra wore Marc's cowl to distract the gangster, Jigsaw realizes too late it was a trap and Marc blindsides him before losing himself to wrath upon Jigsaw until Andrea stops him. Once Andrea remarks her past exposure to seeing violence, Zodiac comes onto the speaker system to chat at Moon Knight and his present company. When Marc demands to settle the matter, Zodiac refuses by stating he's standing immediately outside the Midnight Mission proper, uncertain how it was fixed within a fortnight, but doesn't trust going near it in his bid to kill Reese inside. When questioned by Andrea about his motives, Zodiac opens about his belief in self-actualization and true freedom, and Moon Knight's being chained to friends, duty, and super heroics is not who Zodiac sees.

Seeing more potential in him, Zodiac aims to free Moon Knight from such shackles but Moon Knight is too afraid to free himself. Zodiac cites the rules from the Avengers, Marc's father's piety, and Khonshu as not real as Marc makes them so because he is afraid. Thus, Zodiac sees Moon Knight as the mad lad who loves violence and carving crescents into people's faces, the guy Zodiac likes as he is as free as Zodiac. Reminding Zodiac that the Mission will be able to kill him inside and Hunter's Moon can kill him outside, Zodiac surprises Marc by revealing he ambushed Hunter's Moon with a squad of super criminals Zodiac recruited, his Zodiac Cartel, hired with the millions he stole from the Steve Grant funds. Regarding the Midnight Mission, he threatens Marc and Reese inside that he'll start killing the neighbors one-by-one, but reveals to Marc he'll do so anyway because reasons.

Calling Reese, Marc's order she stay inside fail as she considers leaving to spare the neighbors, while Tigra's attempts to troubleshoot ideas fall short as the fastest means to return are unavailable. Without recourse and against protests by Andrea, Marc prays to Khonshu meeting him in a psychic plane to argue for aid to find a path to reach the Midnight Mission, so as to save Reese and Hunter's Moon. Predictably, Khonshu agrees but for a price. Outside the Midnight Mission, time is about to run out on Zodiac's deadline as Soldier argues for Reese not to leave. As she bares her vampiric teeth in refusal, Soldier then opts to distract Zodiac to buy time for Marc's return and delay Reese's choice. Back in the New Jersey warehouse, Marc returns to himself and informs the others that Khonshu has set a path. Informing Winner to watch over Andrea, Marc asks for Greer's help and she agrees, but she also opens up that she was an Avengers spy so there'd be nothing between them.

However, Marc admits he already knew considering T'Challa wouldn't be satisfied with Andrea's reports and Greer's surprise return to his life was simple to deduce, yet he said nothing needing her friendship to ground him. He appreciates that she always does the right thing, the reason they've stayed so close, but the path opens and Marc urges her to keep going as slowing down will be fatal. Back at the Midnight Mission, Soldier puts his idea in motion with visible reticence by Reese, with no more time and scared like hell. As time runs out and Zodiac was about to order his cartel members to round up neighbors for mass murder, Reese steps outside to surrender herself, as Zodiac is surprised by "the plan": Soldier disguises himself as Mr. Knight, greeting Zodiac on the nice night.


Rebecca:  🌖  8.5 /10 - Full Moon

Rey:  🌖   9 /10 - Full Moon

Livestreamed over our social platforms, here is the episode in it's full polished glory for anyone who missed it!

Shine those idols, and dust off the cape....IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR KHONSHU ON!




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