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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Oct 25, 2022


In an absolute first, Rey flies by the seat of his pants during a livestream, to bring to you an off-the-cuff discussion of Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio's latest offering -


Moon Knight Vol 9 #16 - 'Chinatown'

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BARE BONES: (Written by Wiki) 

Accompanied by Reese and SoldierMr. Knight located the rival vampire that scares even the Tutor in Chinatown. Reese followed thinking Mr. Knight had a plan but it all boiled down to just walking into the vampire's den, as Moon Knight prefers people see him coming. When Reese asks why not request help from Tigra or Hunter's Moon, Moon Knight notes that Tigra has a life and her son to care for, while Dr. Badr didn't come out over a difference of opinion. Soldier doesn't mind as "orders are orders," the trio are met by vampires who smells the scent of The Tutor's vampirism which turned the two of them, standing guard unwelcoming to their perceived intrusion. Demanding their identity, Moon Knight gives a diplomatic greeting requesting as representative of the Midnight Mission to speak with the vampire who claims Chinatown as their territory. The vampire guard take the trio to Lady Yulan, who likes Moon Knight's outfit as wearing white in her day was worn for funerals, while Moon Knight instead has a habit of causing funerals and plans to give one to the Tutor.

With aim to destroy his organization, The Structure, moon Knight also seeks to kill the Tutor and wanted to tell Yulan, piquing her attention. Yulan asks if Moon Knight came to her for help and brought his associates for emphasis, but he clarifies his intent only to seek information from her and his accompanying friends were involved due to Tutor's actions. Yulan counters asking why she should help, as maybe she likes dĂ©tente, so Mr. Knight calls her a coward and calls the meeting a waste of time. Yulan super speeds to choke Moon Knight singlehandedly, recounting her origins to the white-clad visitor, and is truly offended at the accusation of cowardice by a mere human who brazenly walked into her territory. Moon Knight calls them like he sees them, yet while she may be a powerful ancient monster, death on two legs, Mr. Knight is perplexed why she'd also fear The Tutor. Soldier interjects with a deduction that Yulan is more afraid of Yi Yang, with the former acknowledging his correct insight and chiding him to put away his gun. Seated again, Yulan explains that she left Yang's service about a century ago as Yang's madness was intolerable; something Soldier can identify with from before his service to Mr. Knight. Thus, Yulan is afraid to go after The Tutor as he will send word to Yang on precisely where to find Yulan, a harrowing outcome as Yang will burn Chinatown and possibly New York as well.

Born in the back half of the Yuan Dynasty, Yulan saw the deleterious effect immortality had on Yang's state of being and left to prevent that outcome from befalling her, by changing with the times as they change so as to stave off the alienation of immortality. Cultivating interest in humanity and their ideas, the Tutor (Kenneth) had pitched the idea of integrating vampirism as a social evolutionary step rather than treat it as the parasitic infection it was. Seeing it as a sign of the times, but knowing it was a lie, Yulan also saw his obsession with hierarchies and cult thought as the Tutor saw vampirism as an extension of that power. Yulan did not turn him, but he took one of her brides and took her blood to be a vampire, fleeing the country before she could enact vengeance, and he returned some five years later with an ultimatum: leave him to his business or he'd tell Yang where to find Yulan. But now Mr. Knight poses a threat that Tutor wants destroyed, and while Mr. Knight is willing to burn Tutor out of New York City, Yulan corrects his thinking as Mr. Knight has threatened Tutor's "exclusivity." As the Midnight Mission trio are confused, Yulan clarifies that Reese and Soldier are new vampires free of the Tutor's control thus they're threats to him, which Reese notes Soldier was an accidental turning,[1] a funny notion to Yulan.

Calming Reese down, Mr. Knight concludes that The Tutor misbelieves the Midnight Mission is challenging his position as THE vampire power in New York, but asks why so much fuss. Yulan then recounts to him that The Tutor loves hierarchies, so he is in a delicate position at present as he is aiming to garner international recognition, wanting to run the vampires of New York and have the other sects see him as a leader. Eventually, he aims to make treaties with the various international vampire branches, and hopefully the biggest branch-- the Chernobyl Vampire Nation, the first internationally sovereign vampire nation in history.[2] As the Tutor seeks to go international, Mr. Knight concludes he wants to use his cult structuring to usurp control from Dracula over time, it was all just a waiting game. With Mr. Knight needing a way to get close, Yulan knows when and where the upcoming conclave The Tutor's hosting will be, a delegation of international vampire factions, but the catch being that it will be filled with the world's most dangerous vampires; a good situation to Mr. Knight, as he knows someone who'll enjoy that opportunity.

Concurrently, Hunter's Moon is out on patrol when he is met by Nemean and Grand Mal and a battle ensues. As Hunter's Moon fights the hired assassins, he is matched in Nemean's prowess having barely damaged him, and uses his armored gloves to keep Grand Mal at bay. However, he is still progressively overwhelmed by their combative prowess, eventually rendered battered and his arms worn. Grand Mal diverts his attention above and he is met by a small contingent of vampires on loan by the Tutor, who swarm him on all sides. Hunter's Moon slays many, but their numbers soon overwhelm him, stabbing him with various common weapons and leaving him as a pin cushion. Nemean tells Hunter's Moon that this was a lesson in consequence for getting involved in the Structure's business, as Grand Mal tells him to send a message to Moon Knight that he is a target. But upon immediate reconsideration, she says they'll tell him themselves, as Nemean puts Hunter's Moon in a headlock, squeezing until his neck cracks.


Rey:  🌖  8 /10 - Big Beautiful Yellow Man

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