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ITK Newsletter, no. LXIV: ISLA RA Sessions + Lunar-Pick CLASSIC RUN: Avengers #211

Oct 31, 2018




Loony fans everywhere!!

How are you all going? Good? After our big episode with Max Bemis AND our cameo in the Marvel Universe last week (courtesy of Moon Knight #200), we are all still floating on cloud 9!

But, we can't rest on our laurels just yet, as we have more Moony goodness heading your way - and when it rains, it pours!!!

We'll have two episodes coming out within the week. Due to the Bemis interview, we've held off on the Waning Gibbous, but Khonshu can't be denied, so we will do so, and for this round, it's an ISLA RA with our very special friend of the show, Dustin 'Cold Case' Kurtz!


Dustin and Connor have a good ol' chat about Dustin's favourite 4 desert island books, and you can check them out beforehand here!

Below are links to his Isla Ra books - click on the links if you want to read the issues before listening in on the podcast; or keep it a surprise and click on them after the show, to find out more about Dustin's top picks!


  1. Dustin's Top Pick
  2. Dustin's 2nd Pick
  3. Dustin's 3rd Pick
  4. Dustin's 4th Pick

It doesn't stop there Loonies! After our ISLA RA episode, we'll also feature towards the end of this coming weekend, a Lunar-Pick Classic Run review with special guest Josh 'Geronimo' Johnson - 



I've not read this, but am keen to see how Moony is portrayed in yet another team setting - his run with the Defenders was enjoyable, so let's see if it's maintained with the Avengers!

 I'll drop a discussion thread in our FB group, should you wish to discuss the issue, or if you want to say something and have it read on the show for discussion, be sure to drop us an email or a post (just ensure to add 'OK to Read' if you don't mind it to be discussed on the show!)

Any of the platforms below will do, so please take time to use them if need be: 

You'll also note that we also have now a Discord ITK Server which is yet another way in which to contact us. It's also quite exciting, as it allows us to build forums for discussion - and down the track, it'll also mean that you can live message us....or even drop into the show to say hello! Very exciting stuff, but still in it's infancy.

Finally, and as mentioned before, we'll also do a review of 'Arachknight #1' as it involves Moon Knight too. With already two episodes pitted to drop for the Loonies this week, we thought a third one would be too much!

So, we'll drop that on the phase of the 'New Moon' which I believe is November 8th! Keep your eyes open for it, and remember to look up at Khonshu in the night sky to remind you of what sort of episode will be dished out like a cold serving of Vengeance!

Anyway, that's it from me in this newsletter - thank you so much for sticking with us, and we are only getting bigger - very exciting times!! Please feel free to drop your thoughts in on what you'd like to see on the show and we'll do our very best to make it happen!!

Love youse all,

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective