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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. XXXVII: Friend of the Show Spotlight - Connor McKenna, Sons of the Dragon

Apr 28, 2018


Loonies!! Are you still there?...

Are you still breathing after the EPIC premiere of Infinity War? What a bloody marvellous time to be alive as a comic book fan! So many things dropping, and in our wheelhouse we got the latest Max Bemis Moon Knight issue #194!

Now, due to scheduling difficulties, we've had to postpone the review of the latest Moon Knight Vol.9 #194 review. Us Loonies, are a passionate lot, and Connor(Shu) and I would so much like to have Tommy and Chad (Loonies who will be guests on the show) to help us review that issue, so as they say - all good things come to those who wait....

In the meantime, we have a special episode cooking for you. Hopefully we can pull this off, but it will be a very Connor-centric episode this week (Episode 40!).

First up, fresh from being a guest on their brilliant podcast, we have Sons of the Dragon host and fellow member of The Collective, Connor joining me at Grant Mansion! Similar to having Chris from Defenders TV Podcast , we're going to have an informal chat with Connor and ask how he got into comics; how he got into podcasting; what are his faves apart from Iron Fist...and we'll look at one of his favourite issues in depth!

My indelible co-host, Connor(Shu) will be attending Supernova (that's a comic convention here in Australia), so he'll be largely offline, soaking in and enjoying the convention...! I do hope to sneak a quick chat with him, though, and ask if he's seen any Moon Knight-ness at the convention...and if we're lucky, maybe he's managed an interview from some of the attendees and/or cosplayers!! So should be fun!

So although this coming episode won't really have much Moon Knight in it, it will still be a fun episode to listen along to - it may well open your eyes to some books you've never considered, and if you haven't yet listened to Connor's podcast all about Iron Fist (honestly - if you haven't yet - why not???), maybe this spotlight on the SOTD host will change your tune!!

You can also keep sending feedback on anything and everything you want through the platforms below. There's plenty of time to get your thoughts down on Moon Knight issue #194 too, so we'd really appreciate hearing from you, and will read it all out on the show!


Looking forward to having a chat with SOTD Connor coming shortly as well as catch up with our own ITK Connor with any news and gossip form Supernova - hope to catch you ....hearing (wow, that doesn't really work)...ahh.... thanks so much still for listening and reading this newsletter...we cracked 300 in our Facebook Group and passed 450 on our Facebook Page, so a BIG thanks once again to you all!!! That's it from me - all that's left to say is,

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective