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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

May 20, 2020

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High Priest of Khonshu Rey is joined by special guest, Scott Weatherly of 20th Century Geek and Stories Out of Time & Space Podcasts to revisit a classic Moench story and introduction of one of Moon Knight's more memorable characters - 

PHASE OF THE MOON: Waning Crescent

SEGMENT: LUNAR-PICK Classic Run Review



Published December 1981

Writer - Doug Moench

Penciler - Bill Sienkiewicz

Inker - Bill Sienkiewicz

Colourist - Christie Scheele

Letterer - Janice Chiang

Editor - Denny O'Neil

A little bit of Moon Knight comic news, the usual feedback and a good ol' chat with Scott about upcoming episodes and faves from both of Scott's awesome podcasts...!

Tune in, enjoy - it's Time to Get Your Khonshu On!


(courtesy of Rey)

In a rundown church in the South Bronx, a lone woman drifts within, tortured by memories. She is Stained Glass Scarlet, and amongst the solitude, she contemplates her next move involving a recent prison escapee, Mad Dog Fasinera.

As Steven and Marlene enjoy a cultured evening, their night is cut short by news on the radio of Mad Dog Fasinera in a shoot out with police.

Moon Knight springs into action and it’s not long before he spots the gunfire from the Mooncoptor.

Moon Knight manages to subdue the bank robbers, but Mad Dog manages to escape, killing one of his own men along the way.

Having evaded Moon Knight’s grasp, Moon Knight decides to track down two of the other bank robbers who also managed to escape. They lead him to an abandoned store, but Moon Knight is surprised to see a Woman in Red appear, and enter the store as well.

The robbers are also surprised that their secret safehouse is compromised and are stunned that the Woman in Red knows of it.

Moon Knight intervenes and makes short work of the criminals, but is so intrigued by Stained Glass Scarlet – the Woman in Red – that he is compelled to follow.

Moon Knight confronts her in the abandoned church and Stained Glass Scarlet tells of her origin – how she was a nun, before meeting a reformed criminal Vince Fasinera. How they married but Vince returned to his old ways, neglected his son and ultimately returning to a life of crime; how his last big bank job ends with his death and the mysterious disappearance of all the bank money; and finally, how Joe, left without a father, grows resentful and ultimately criminal, abandoning his mother.

As Moon Knight reflects on this sad Tale, Joe ‘Mad Dog’ Fasinera appears, determined to retrieve his father’s hidden loot from Stained Glass Scarlet.

She pleads to her son that she is all he needs, and Moon Knight valiantly attempts to diffuse the situation. Moon Knight is shot, but in the melee, Stained Glass Scarlet pulls a gun on her own son. Stained Glass Scarlet makes the hardest decision that a mother never should and is forced to kill her own son.

In a final twist, as Mad Dog clutches at the bell rope, the bell sounds his death knell, but also reveals the hidden stash which had been hidden within the church bell for all these years.

MOON RATING (out of phases of the Moon):

Scott:  🌖  8/10 - Big Beuatiful Yellow Man

Rey:  🌖  7.5/10 - Last Quarter Moon





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