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Podchaser - Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

What If Vol 2 44

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High Priest Rey welcomes fellow podcaster 'The Drop King' Phil Perich of Capes & Lunatics, to join in discussing an arc from that 90's era Moon Knight series -  



Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35-#38


Published Feb-May 1992

Writer - Terry Kavanagh

Penciler - Ron Garney

Inker - Tom Palmer

Colourist - Christie Scheele

Letterer - Ken Lopez

Editor - Joey Cavalieri, Sarra Mossoff

Not only do Rey and Phil revel in revisiting this classic run, but both managed to have an exclusive chat with both Terry Kavanagh and Howard Mackie!

Listen to excerpts of our highly enjoyable chat with both Terry Kavanagh and Howard Mackie as we learn more on the impression of Moon Knight within the Marvel office; their takes on the Avatar of Vengeance....and what could have been for some of Moon Knight's lore!

This one is a pearler of an episode - 

Shine those idols, and dust off the cape....IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR KHONSHU ON!

BARE BONES (courtesy of Wiki & Rey) :

As Marc and Marlene return home, Randall Spector bombs the mansion. Moon Knight runs into the fiery building to rescue Frenchie. Returning outside, he finds Marlene unconscious and holding Randall's mask. 

Elsewhere, Princess Nepthys meets with members of the Cult of Khonshu and Randall.

In another part of the city, the Punisher interrogates a thug about a shipment of AIM weapons whilst outside a police station, Moon Knight questions an informant and learns the location of Randall. Immediately afterwards, the Punisher asks the informant for the location of the Cult (who are tied to the AIM weapons shipment).

Arriving at their building, Marc fights multiple Knights of the Moon. Nepthys and Randall confront him, revealing that the previous Hatchet-Man was an imposter. The Punisher crashes in and tries to shoot Nepthys and Randall Spector. Moon Knight fights him because he needs answers from them first. They continue fighting even after the villains escape. 

Using a portable energy-tracker, they find the Cult of Khonshu's base under Central Park. Randall emerges from a tank of water dressed as Shadowknight. Nepthys explains she faked his death and empowered him with a lunar absorber. Randall attacks, but Punisher shoots him with a laser gun.

Moon Knight and Nepthys believe Punisher has killed Randall Spector. However, Randall gets up again, invulnerable to any bullets or lasers. He and Punisher struggle over the gun, shoot the ceiling, and end up flooding the lab.

Moon Knight awakens hanging from a tree with his wrists tied. Randall aka Shadowknight reveals that years ago, he was among a group of rebels that Bushman and Marc Spector attacked. He later managed to make his way the Tomb of Seti, and was present when Khonshu resurrected Marc.

Shadowknight and Moon Knight fight, after Randall releases Moon Knight from his bonds.

The Knights of the Moon try to shoot the newly escaped Punisher, but he manages to retrieve his motorcycle and weapons. Nepthys runs away, and attacks Moon Knight, but is shot and killed by Punisher. Shadowknight escapes.

Weeks later, Randall Spector carries a kidnapped nurse through the sewer. He wields an ax, and resembles the Hatchet-Man. Punisher arrives on his motorcycle and rescues her from Randall’s attack. He reveals that it has been six weeks since the encounter with Randall in Central Park.

At his new headquarters, Moon Knight consults with his Shadow Cabinet.

Over the next couple of weeks, Randall continues to abduct and kill nurses. Moon Knight determines that Randall's next attack will be at the hospital where Marlene and Frenchie have been recuperating.

Moon Knight arrives at the hospital and fights Randall on the roof before the fight continues inside.. Randall grabs Frenchie and throws him out a window. Moon Knight dives out to catch him, while Punisher shoots Randall with a machine gun. Randall crashes through another window and hits the street below.

The next day, Marc identifies Randall's body in the morgue, then takes Frenchie home. He explains that Randall was subjected to the same drugs as the Hatchet-Man imposter, and similarly became an insane serial killer.

Phil:  🌖  8/10 - Big Beautiful Yellow Man

Rey:  🌖  8/10 - Waxing Gibbous





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