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ITK Newsletter, no. CX: ISLA RA SESSIONS - Featuring Guest John Harrison

Oct 29, 2019

Hello Dear Loonies!

Welcome back to the ITK newsletter which had gone missing for a while. As a matter of fact, the episode had been missing last week, and if it wasn’t for the generous effort made by both High Priests Rebecca and Connor, episode 118 would not have been dropped in time as well! Yes, there have been some turns in life which had made it hard for me to focus on the show and without getting too much into it, I just wanted to spend as much time with my family as I could. It was a tough couple of weeks, but I now feel ready to continue making the best damn possible Moon Knight podcast out there!

So, this coming weekend, I’ll be dropping an ISLA RA Session which I had recorded in early October. I’m only half way through editing it now, but it’s a handsome sized episode and it was again, a massive amount of fun - I hope you enjoy listening to it…!

PHASE OF THE MOON: WAXING CRESCENT (due to scheduling delay, this is slightly out of sync with what we're meant to do)


Image result for tv podcast industries

I've always wanted to get the boys from TV Podcast Industries on the show as I'm huge fans of theirs, and after having Chris and Derek on the show, having the chance to speak to John about his desert island books - amongst other things - had been so special and thoroughly enjoyable.

Admittedly, I’ve not conducted an ISLA RA session with Chris, but it could be argued that his and my almost 3 hour episode we had when he guested on two chat about Spidey, was the genesis for the ISLA RA sessions. It was a peek behind the podcasting host facade and a chat about what Chris loved about Spidey and comics. It wasn’t long after that, that I decided to delve into more stories from Loonies, and voila - the ISLA RA Sessions were created!

So, there’s plenty to look forward to with John’s chat - as always, we conducted our chat in and around the Moon Knight corner of the universe…so this time around, we’re at Gena’s diner. Later on, we head out to some other locations - but I’ll leave that for you to discover when you hear the episode!

John's Top 4 Isla Ra (Desert Island) Comics: ???

As always, we aren't giving anything away! Below you'll find encrypted links to John's books. These will be in the show nots as well, but if you want to prepare for the show and discover what books John has chosen - and read them ahead of our discussion - then look no further than below - 


  1. John's Top Pick
  2. John's 2nd Pick
  3. John's 3rd Pick
  4. John's 4th Pick


Oh boy, it's been a bit quiet on the FCL front, but we finally got the cards in for the progress this month, and I must say Tommy has returned with a vengeance!

Looks like he'll no doubt take out this month as he has an unbeatable lead it seems...I'm still in the mix, and hopefully if I can just hang in the top 2 every month, then I'm in with a good chance to take out overall.

However, Tommy and Jason are making good ground and in particular kudos to Jason for his maiden season...he's one to watch! Dustin and Chad unfortunately have drafts (like myself....c'mon Wolvie!!!!) who haven't fired...but anything goes int he last week of October, so you never know!

Below are the progress cards for our #ITKMoonKnight division for you perusal!! I think the big player this month surely has been The Thing from Contagion...plenty more points to be racked up by ol' blue eyes!

Well done Tommy - you'll be the man to beat in the coming months!!


Another plug to our fellow Collective members! I'll try and make this thing a regular thing, so you fair Loonies are in the loop with all these other great podcasts out there, which we highly recommend!

As some of you know, The Collective are a band of like minded podcasters who formed a few years ago now to act as a supportive network for one another not only in promoting each others' shows, but also as a creative hive, where we bounce ideas off one another as to how to improve our shows.

We've crossed over more than once now with other shows, and I know from listening to all of them, that they are highly entertaining and fun to listen to!

I've got a few recommendations which I'll list here, and each newsletter I hope to give a shout out to the recent episodes of these great shows.....I've actually got a couple of other recommendations from a podcast which isn't a part of The Collective (but I reckon they should be!)

All further information on all the shows can be found in teh link at the bottom of this page...

Anyway, here's just a few of what's happening in Collective-Town....

  • A shoutout to Paul from The Collected Edition with their recent release of a review of the Warren Ellis Moon Knight run! Check out Episode 49 - Moon Knight ...highly entertaining and informative!
  • Although not part of The Collective (maybe I'll ask if he wants to join), good friend Scott Weatherly from 20th Century Geek released two Moon Knight-centric episodes! I had the fortune of guesting on Part 2 as well... Check out Episode 89 - Spotlight on Moon Knight Part 1, and Episode 90 - Spotlight on Moon Knight Part 2 for all your Moon Knight needs!
  • Upcoming guest John Harrison & the other boys from TV Podcast Industries have been covering the recent release of the TV show 'Watchmen', which seems to be getting rave reviews...I gotta catch up myself, but after I do, I'll be sure to tune in to these fantastic hosts to get their take!....Check out discussions on Episode 1 and Episode 2, plus they also have a couple of other episodes based on feedback and a prelude to the TV show....Top quality stuff!
  • Our good mates over at Inner Demons - A Ghost Rider Podcast have released their 46th episode, reviewing a couple of recent releases and a couple of classics. Always fun, always great to hear these guys (incidentally, Brian, one of the hosts, features on a Terminator retrospective on 20th Century Geek Podcast as well....check it out if you can!)...Check out Episode 46 - 'Unoriginal Sin' for their latest and greatest!
  • Be sure to always check out the Capes & Lunatics Newsletter for all their shows. These guys are more prolific than a Catholic instead of showcasing all their shows here, it's better to get it at the source! I was also honoured to feature on The Quantum Zone for Part 6 of their review for Operation Galatic Storm too... it'll be up and dropping in a month or so I think...
  • Sons of the Dragon - An Immortal Iron Fist Podcast have also released an episode - Episode 101 is a review of Contagion issues #2 and #3... I bet these guys are happy that the Contagion event is Iron Fist-centric! Can't wait to chat about the final two issues with them on their coming episode too...but be sure to listen to their latest to get up to speed!
  • Finally, can't NOT shout out The Signal of Doom Podcast featuring good mate, David Finn. This episode, their latest, has the return of Connor McKenna (host of Sons of the Dragon - An Immortal Iron Fist Podcast and fellow host for Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast)....these guys are heaps of fun to chat with in their own right, so when they are together...BOMBS are set off!! Check out Episode 137 for their latest show...The Signal have also just released a Patreon Page, so I highly recommend checking it out and considering becoming a patron to gain exclusive episodes form The Swamp!
  • Oh, final, FINAL plug will be for Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast. Since I've been away, Connor (my valued co-host) has been keeping the show running and has been getting guests from The Collective and elsewhere to come on and chat Superman...I'd be remiss to not mention the latest offering...Episode 29 - Return of The Phantom King is a cool review on a Halloween-esque issue with Superman. Guesting is Tyler Patrick from The Krypton Report....Worth a geeze!


You can always chat or leave feedback to us - 

We absolutely LOVE to hear from you, and will always address and give you shout outs on the show, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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Well, that'll do me for this here return newsletter for y'all!! Thanks for sticking by us, and don't won't be long before the TV show hits, so buckle in, stake your claim and be sure you're the one who can say, "I've been a member waaaaaaaayyy before it bcame way more popular!" :P ....ok, I might be reaching for the stars there...but I just want to say, thanks for all the support!!

Catch you very soon (i.e after the pre-recorded episode which drops this coming weekend...ahh, y'know what I mean!)....I'll be more active on our social media platforms looking forward to chatting with you!

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective


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