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For Moon Knight fans, old and new! The HIGH PRIESTS OF KHONSHU Rey covers everything he can on the Moon’s Knight of Vengeance- latest news, rumours and wishes; current runs and classic arcs; spotlights on key characters; TV and film as well as video games and action figures!

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ITK Newsletter, no. XCIV: LUNAR-PICK Classic Run - Moon Knight Vol. 1 #7 + ITK Serial + FCL June News!

Jun 28, 2019

Dearest Followers of Moon Knight!

It's an albeit late-ish newsletter, but I hope you do excuse the tardiness as things have been quite hectic at this end of the temple!

As you may have heard from our latest episode, so GLORIOUSLY put together by the High Priests Connor and Rebecca, I've been away for a stint as I've had some pressing 'real life' matters to attend to.

Not to get too much into it, all I will say is that Connor and Rebecca did such a cool episode for our first of the 'New Attitude Era' and I can't thank them enough for stepping in whilst I had other things to pour my energy into.

If you haven't heard the episode yet, please do yourself a favour and catch it on any of the main podcast catchers, or on the podcast catcher of your choice!

So, what else has been happening, and what's to come?

As had been alluded to in our episode 100 and 101, with Khonshu's Sceptre gone (as has been the theme of our ITK serial...more on that later!), our podcast system is out of whack, so regardless of the phases of the Moon, we've had different episode-types coming out for your listening pleasure.

Although we had a LUNAR-PICK classic run review in episode 101, we'll be having another classic run review for your Moony needs:




Not only that, but we have special Loony guest, Knol Tate joining us as well, to go through what will no doubt be a very trippy comic book review and story!

In addition to prepping for our comic book review this weekend, we've also progressed with our ITK serial, 'THE HUNT FOR KHONSHU'S GOLDEN SCEPTRE' which will form part of our episodes from time to time.

For those of you who haven't come across it, it's another vehicle we would like to put forward and see if any Loonies would be keen to participate! Whether you like to write, or voice act...or even just have ideas, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll see how to get you in amongst it!

The first three episodes have already dropped via our 100th episode a few weeks back, and only just recently, we've released them as separate episodes on the podcast for ease of access! I've also been working on the next three episodes which are looking to expand the storyline and reveal a few surprises for you all!

As always, you can drop us a line to discuss any of the comic books we review or if you want to join in on our fun ITK activities such as the ITK serial - 

Right - now also pressing on...we've more results from our Fantasy Comic League Division, here for your consideration - 

#ITKMoonKnight 2019 Fantasy Comic League - June, Week 3

The current season of #FantasyComicLeague continues on in the month of June, Loonies, and we've got an update on the new drafts that your team members (Connorshu, Dustin, Chad, Tommy and Rey) have chosen for the new month.

We're nearing the end of this second month of the season, and I've got to admit I'm pretty lucky as we've had the auto-draft rule in place (for those who don't get their drafts in on time), and I hate to say it, but I bear the fruit of others' misgivings! (Sorry Connor!)...So here is how we stand with only one more week left in the month - 

High Priest of Khonshu, Reynaldo Gesmundo

Sticking with the classic heroes, I've come out well this past week, with Deadpool, Cap and Iron Man being three of the top six performers of the week!

Tommy 'The Man on the Streets' Kawel

Tommy has been tussling for second spot with Dustin this month, and he edges ahead only slightly, with good performances by Frank and Matt this week...

Dustin 'Cold Case' Kurtz

Cold Case isn't far behind and his VIP card of Wolverine certainly has been a massive help for him during the month. It's a shame Ghost Rider hadn't yielded more points...but it's all to do with the book releases, so you never know what the last week brings...

High Priest of Khonshu, Connorshu Stephens

Connorshu unfortunately has been hampered with a couple of auto-drafts which were chosen at random and which have not been very bountiful for our High Priest. Thougth maybe the Silver Surfer would have given more, but his appearances have been limited, so not much you can do there. Carol proves her worth though, and brings in a healthy sum...

'The Power of' Chad Jernigan

Chad rounds off the Division and Loki gets some points! Alas, it's not enough for our most loyal of Loonies - a decent rack of points form Bucky is some consolation...

Thanks once again fair Loonies - I'll call it a night here (have typed enough for one day I think...between scripts and newsletters!)... keep an eye on out ITK community and remember, it's for everyone to share and participate in - no matter if you just like to see it all unfold, or if you want to be more a part of the things we try to cook up - it's all good and fun, and we just are so appreciative of having such a good community of folk!

Discussion thread for comic review coming up...check out Twitter, FB Page and Group!....

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective