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OVER THE MOON Book Review no. XXXXVI: Moon Knight Vol. 9, issue #196

Jun 30, 2018

Hi-ho Loonies - awaaaaaay!

Yes, we are back for another OVER THE MOON newsletter and to clarify - YES, we are going back and forth between our newest format, LUNAR-PICK,...and our tried and true formula!

This next upcoming episode Connor and I will be joined by our two favourite non-High Priest, part-time co-hosts - Tommy 'Our Man on the Streets' Kawel, and ...'The Power of Chad' Jernigan!

The latest issue from Max Bemis has dropped just before our big 50th episode, so we thought we'd better have a mini celebration here by expanding the our four voices will be assaulting your ear drums to discuss and explore this latest offering from Mr. Bemis - 


We'll still keep the new format running - the only difference being that Chad will have a Bare Bones for this issue two... so our segment will be kinda like The Collective itself - a mish-mash of formats!!

We've already received some great feedback from our Spoiler Thread in the FB Group, but don't miss out! If you want to send us your thoughts - please get them down on cyber-paper via any of the links below - 

You could also post us your thoughts like in the old days, but it may take a while to get here!! Lastly, if you are tech savvy, you can send us an audio file of your thoughts, and we'll play it on the show...! Please restrict it to a couple of minutes, otherwise I may have to edit it.

Ok! Well, I hope you have read the latest issue - if not, read it along with our review - aiming to have the episode out by the end of the weekend or on Monday night....

After this, it'll be our big 50th episode!! Have a few pots cooking and some surprises to boot, so can't wait to reveal to you all!! Until then, let's dive into the latest issue and reveal all the glories that lie within!!

...riddup!!! (*reference to Gecko Knight :P* spoilers...but you'd get it if you read issue #196!:P)

May Khonshu Watch Over the Denizens of the (K)Night,


Proud Member of The Collective