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What if you were friends with a bunch bad-ass business leaders and entrepreneurs? What would you ask them about their successes, challenges, and most valuable advice? Imagine you could learn from their experience to help you build the high-impact business you’ve always envisioned.

That’s exactly what Business for Unicorns delivers.

Join business coach and entrepreneur Michael Keeler as he speaks with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who believe that business is one of the best tools for making a powerful, positive impact on the world. Every episode serves up actionable advice from leaders who are walking the talk.

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Apr 22, 2018

Steven M. Ledbetter, aka "Coach Stevo" on Twitter, is an expert in the science of human behavior change and has been helping people who know what to do, but can't make themselves do it since 2008. He is the CEO of the behavior change consulting company Habitry which he co-founded in 2014. Originally from rural Georgia, he moved to San Francisco in 2005. He collects mid-century modern furniture, never carries more than 6kg of luggage, and is a third generation Eagle Scout.

In this podcast Michael and Steven discuss:

  • The building blocks of motivation science.
  • Self Determination Theory and how it applies to the workplace.
  • The value of processes over goals.
  • How to embrace an experimental mindset.
  • Steven’s tips on driving client retention.
  • How to manage your team so they get results without feeling micromanaged.
  • What to do when you know what to do, but just can’t make yourself do it.
  • What is “emotional labor” and why most of us fear it.