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What if you were friends with a bunch bad-ass business leaders and entrepreneurs? What would you ask them about their successes, challenges, and most valuable advice? Imagine you could learn from their experience to help you build the high-impact business you’ve always envisioned.

That’s exactly what Business for Unicorns delivers.

Join business coach and entrepreneur Michael Keeler as he speaks with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who believe that business is one of the best tools for making a powerful, positive impact on the world. Every episode serves up actionable advice from leaders who are walking the talk.

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Jan 11, 2021

About Luka:

Luka was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and gives credit to basketball, fitness, and coaches in taking him from going down the wrong path in crime to becoming a professional basketball player in the elite European Leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. After his professional career, Luka went into his passion of training to affect others like the coaches that changed his life.

He has been a coach for 14 years building skill sets in every area associated with physical and mental performance, as well as body transformation. Luka is the founder and co-owner of the Vigor Ground gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and owner of the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Seattle, WA, both gyms recognized as leaders in coaching in each respective country, where they have cumulatively coached and transformed over 8,000 clients in total since 2006. Luka is also the creator of Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit, one of the industry's most respected educational events for coaches and gym owners.

In this episode, Michael and Luka Discuss:

  • The power of branding
  • How to cultivate resilience
  • The value of taking time to think
  • Exercise to develop an alter ego to see new perspectives