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Jul 12, 2021

About Brett:

A student of politics, argument, and persuasion, Brett has worked in DC and in statehouses across the country to inform public policy on a variety of topics, from state licensing to conflicts of interest in federal health and science agencies, to COVID relief. Prior to serving as CrossFit's Head of Government Relations, Brett worked in House and Senate offices, and later at a large, full-service public affairs and lobbying firm on advocacy and public relations campaigns. 


In this episode, Michael spoke with Brett about:


  • What is the job head of government relations at Crossfit
  • What does advocacy for the fitness industry look like in the Covid-19 times
  • Why do we need to get better at influencing policymakers on how they treat us
  • Who is out there already doing good work 


Mentioned in the Episode:

Community Gyms Coalition