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Apr 20, 2022

Hello everyone! today we're having a discussion with Paula-Jean D’Arrigo on why your life isn't working.


Paula-Jean D’Arrigo helps people achieve a life worth living. Full of purpose and passion from the deepest parts of self, without painful pasts sabotaging your every effort. Her unique mind-body approach connects you to the deepest core of self & awakens the fire within you. She connects you to a place within which connects you to the very core reason your life’s not working. It is never what you consciously think it is. She is an expert in not only clearing the blocks that prevent you from living your most powerful life but connects you to the very core reason. She specializes in helping people who are struggling with achieving their ideal body, relationships & finances. She found that the key to letting go of every self sabotaging behavior and achieving a life full of passion and purpose is created from deep within our hidden subconscious mind.  Paula-Jean discovered your success goes beyond just mindset.


In the episode, we discuss a lot about mind-body connection and why your life isn't working and you don't take the needed actions even when you know what to do.


We also discuss a lot about relationship problems and the importance of communication and effective communication style in a relationship. 


We also explored the human subconscious mind and why it's holding you back and how you might be self-sabotaging yourself. 


All this and a lot more in the episode.


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Timestamps for the episode:

00:00 - Precap 

00:35 - Intro

01:43 - Guest introduction

03:30 - What's the most important thing you've done today?

04:30 - How did you get into this field?

07:30 - What wasn't working in your 27 years of marriage and what was the deciding factor that made you like I'm done here?

10:45 - The effect of a major surgery on my life

11:50 - My understanding of suicide

13:40 - What was the mental process that you went through to get into this space that you're in now?

17:00 - What's holding you back is rarely what you think it is

19:15 - Commercial

19:48 - Commercial ends/Your subconscious decisions

20:50 - How your subconscious mind is holding you back

22:35 - Why people don't notice the deterioration in their health?

24:08 - What are the top events in someone's life that say I need help with this. And they come to see you?

25:25 - Why communicating in a relationship is important

27:10 - An effective communication style

28:00 - Self-sabotaging behavior

29:16 - How do you help people address the self-sabotage and the subconscious?

30:30 - Do you ever get to an endpoint with your client?

31:45 - The mind-body connection

34:50 - What's going to happen in your 30-minute free consultation?

35:05 - Closing statement

36:16 - Outro