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Jun 4, 2021

Since 1980, Arnie Fonseca, Jr has had a burning desire to help and mentor individuals of all ages to achieve the edge in business, relationships and health with unique strategies, tools and unconditional support as they navigate towards that next breakthrough on their success journey

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide and mentor you and your team to achieving optimal communication, improved work/life balance, and outstanding health and energy, you’ve found your man. Arnie has helped individuals achieve truly great breakthroughs in life and business by teaching them how to become their own expert.  Allowing them to soar to amazing heights, overcoming challenges and achieving amazing results along the way! 

What sets Arnie apart is he has a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Arizona State University.  He has started and run multiple million dollar companies.  He is a Certified Strategic Interventionist Life Coach, Rehabilitation Expert, Fitness and Nutrition specialist. Since 1986 Arnie has been a guiding light for countless individuals and families struggling to achieve that breakthrough, they desperately desire. Lastly, Arnie is deeply passionate about helping any whom struggle with overwhelming challenges, develop the skills, mentally and emotionally, necessary to achieve whatever they desire in life.

The following are a few of the areas Arnie assists his clients with:

Arnie guides, mentors and transforms his clients by:

  • Clarifying their direction which keeps them clear and focused on their goals and direction.
  • Strategizing their actions so they always know exactly what they need week in and week out to achieve their goals.
  • Upgrading their skills, so that they can carry out their plan with confidence and certainty.
  • Optimizing their environment, so that there are less distractions and achieving their goals becomes effortless.
  • Mastering their psychology so they can overcome any fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, or insecurities that might be holding them and or their business back.

Arnie’s dedication to helping his clients is only equaled by his passion for their success. His unique teaching style is results oriented and inspiring.

Find Arnie here

602 390 9144

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Questions Covered

What is the most important thing you have done today?

Why are fitness and culture important for companies?

How does mindset change in terms of fitness? What are the Hopeful Principles?

What do you say to people who say I am too old for that?

What challenges do you see men facing at this time? Are they different in terms of what point in their life they are at?

How do you fit the training into your schedule?

What makes hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon so special?

What transformations occur on journeys like that?

"Helping Older Guys Create Kick Ass Lives for Themselves and Those They Love"