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Jun 16, 2021

Hear the incredible story of John Spinks in the Exclusive Brethren cult and his escape at age 22 which took four years to plan.

Growing up, John and his family’s secret-from-the-world lifestyle, seemed as normal to them as brushing your teeth twice a day. However, in time, a conflict of values developed and his older brother Andrew left home at the age of 16. John left when he was 22 and his next brother Peter, left when he was 26. Their youngest brother Stephen stayed and got married and is still there to this day. The brothers knew that once they left the Exclusive Brethren, their family and friends would be separated from them by their Man of God’s laws that they were under, and therefore would not be allowed to have anything to do with them.

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John is now a father of an amazing daughter and lives on the Wirral Peninsular in England. He describes himself as non-religious and loves God who he believes is also non-religious. His belief nowadays is that God is right and he loves me and you unconditionally.



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What is a cult and how do you identify you are in one versus let’s say an organization?

How does a cult control its members and what type of brainwashing is there to keep control?

You were born into the cult what made your parents join?

Exclusive Brethren 45 k members literally around the worlds. How did it start?

What was your daily routine in the cult?

When and what made you suspect that there was something wrong?

How did that evolve into a plan to escape? Why did that plan take 4 years to be realized, can’t you just leave?

Tell us about the Doctrine of separation and how this has affected you personally and is used as form of control?

What gave you the courage to escape and leave your family?

What is the fate of those when one escape and the others are left behind?

Cult Escape Director of Operations

How can someone help if they have a loved one in a cult? Deprogrammers?

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“CULT ESCAPE” author JOHN SPINKS and the story of His AMAZING ESCAPE