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Jun 23, 2021

Stacey Murphy of

Stacey is your Love & Intimacy Coach, who’s better known as the “Queen of Juicy Love”.  In 2021, Stacey was listed on Yahoo's Top 10 Love Coaches (US & Canada).  She’s consistently featured on ABC, CW, Fox News Radio, and iHeart Radio, to name a few.


Stacey considers herself a ‘recovered perfectionist’ who was slaying life the hard way with masculine energy.  


Now, Stacey teaches professional women how to enjoy life the easy way coming from their feminine power by feeling strong, seductive, and charismatic in the presence of high-caliber men.  This allows her clients to live in harmony with their Beloved vs being in competition with him.  Stacey shows women how to integrate love, sex, and money into a powerful cocktail contributing to relationship success that will stand the test of time.


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Topics covered:

What is the most important thing you did today?

What do you mean by stepping into your Queen role?

What is different about men and women?

How does a women access her feminine energy vs her masculine energy?

Why does the word seduction have such a negative connotation to many?

Why is communication so important in a relationship?

Why is it important to continue dating and having fun in a relationship?

What are the biggest misconception that men have about women and vice versa?

What are the main reasons relationships fail? How do people in a relationship lose their passion?

What are the four pillars of love? How do they connect to the Man Code Formula?

What is the difference between sex and intimacy?

What factor does modern day sexual identity play in relationships and intimacy?

Why is fun important in relationships?

Why would a woman want to attract a man?

How do people in a relationship lose their passion?

How do women reclaim their wow factor?

What can a man do to help a woman reclaim her wow factor?

If you are in a sexless marriage/relationship what is the first step to reclaiming emotional and physical intimacy?

How should men deal with pre and post-menopausal women?