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Aug 11, 2021

Matt Haugen of Haugen Racing, from Scottsdale, Arizona and was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a professional drift team driver, SEMA car builder, and content creators. He loves drifting, comedy, off-roading, building cars, and making videos! 

His YouTube channel is his largest focus right now, where he uploads 5 times a week.  Content includes vlogs, reaction videos, How To Drift, drifting, video games, off-roading, and more. He also has an online shop,   where he creates automotive and Japanese inspired streetwear and accessories. 

He always strives to find that perfect blend of style and functionality through the use of our vivid Yellow, Red, and Blue colors and taking inspiration from all corners of the custom car culture.

Cars have been in his blood since the day he was born.  At age 16, his 2008 Toyota Tundra was his first SEMA Show car.  Since then he has had over 7 vehicles in the SEMA show from including a 1 of 1 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago a 1JZ swapped Rocket Bunny 350z, dubbed the 351JZ.  

He fell in love with drifting and has been pursuing that professionally since 2017.  He first competed in ProAm with his Hyundai Genesis Coupe powered by a CBM 4.0L Whipple Supercharged 425ci LS3. 

Besides drifting, racing and building show cars, He is a big supporter of education. He recently acquired his Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California.



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Questions Asked:

  1. What is the most important thing you have done today? 
  2. How did you get started in cars?
  3. When did you start racing? When did you turn professional? 
  4. Why drift cars versus other forms of racing? 
  5. What is the culture in Drift Car Racing? 
  6. What is your routine when you are racing? 
  7. Why combine cars and comedy?
  8. Tell me about your YouTube videos? 
  9. You are big into entrepreneurship. What is your journey? 
  10. In your bio you say you are a big supporter of education. Tell me more about that. 
  11. What does the immediate future hold for you? 
  12. If someone wanted to learn how to drift from you how would they contact you? 




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