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Sep 8, 2020

Daniel Marshall

Humidors, It’s Like A Guy’s Jewelry Box

  Check out my interview here with World Famous Humidor and Cigar Maker Daniel Marshall. Daniel makes these pieces of art for such celebrities as Will Smith Arnold Schwarzenegger and others.


Instead of living a life guided by currents and trade winds, Daniel Marshall has spent the past 37 years of his life charting the course of an exclusive humidor and cigar company. Today, Marshall is known as one of the best humidor makers in the world, and examples of his work have been enjoyed by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Burns and George Bush, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity auctions throughout the world. He is also a cigar producer who commissioned Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia Sr. to make a line of exclusive cigars, including perhaps the world’s most unique cigar, the Daniel Marshall Red Label 24-karat Golden Cigar, which Marshall personally hand rolls in pure Italian gold in his California home.

“Look for the accidents in your life because that’s where you can find beauty and amazing dreams can come true, even though they might be completely different from what you could have ever imagined,” the 57-year-old says, reflecting on his life, which took a completely unexpected turn in 1982. “My dream was to be the guy on a 32-foot yacht with the beautiful girl, sailing around the world, but I ended up making beautiful things out of what kind of looked like the wrong direction but actually turned out to have been the right direction.”