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Dec 17, 2018

Relationships 101 & 102 both landed in the Top 50 Chart Worldwide on Apple Podcasts, here we go again.

Jonny & Yusef join me as we delve into the murky depths at the end of a relationship. We explain our views on why we have cheated in the past, our strategies for getting over a partner and the best approaches we've found for delivering breakups.

Discover what research says men & women fear most in relationships, why cheating is just parabolic discounting at it's finest and why saying "I'm not attracted to you, at all" is a suboptimal approach for justifying a breakup.

Extra Stuff:

Relationships 101 -

Relationships 102 -

How To Get Over Someone -

Stay In Or Leave A Relationship -

How To End A Relationship -

The Worst & Best Ways to Tell Someone It’s Over -

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