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Jun 29, 2020

Christopher Berry-Dee is a criminologist and a writer.

Christopher has spent a career interviewing some of history’s most notorious killers including Peter Sutcliffe, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wuornos, Dennis Nilsen and more. This is his first ever podcast.

Expect to learn what it feels like to look pure evil in the eye, what...

Jun 27, 2020

Kyle Eschenroeder is a marketer and a writer.

You do not want to live a life that you regret at the end of it. But working out what you WANT to want is a topic no one ever talks about.

When you follow your default desires, you're much more likely to find yourself at a place in life that you didn't really want to be, or...

Jun 25, 2020

David Allen is a productivity consultant and an author.

Today I speak to the grandfather of the modern productivity movement. David is the creator of Getting Things Done - the most famous productivity system on the planet.

Expect to learn David's 5-step process for organising your life, why your brain is a terrible...

Jun 22, 2020

Jonny & Yusef from join me as we begin the 2nd Season of Life Hacks.

Our favourite tools, apps, websites, strategies & resources for a productive and efficient life.

Expect to learn our real life review of the AirPods Pro, how to hack your hunger when cutting, our favourite To Do List apps, how you...

Jun 20, 2020

Elena Seranova is a business coach, entrepreneur & PhD student.

Many of us could do achieve far more if only we had the confidence to go after what we want. Getting out of your own way therefore becomes a goal in itself.

Expect to learn how to use confidence to gain a competitive advantage, the common stumbling blocks...