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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Jul 20, 2018

Chaz Edward, Cofounder of Make My Business Boom (Hanover, Pennsylvania), a client digital marketing agency focused on driving customers to its clients' physical locations or websites, explains the marketing strategies and funnels his company sets up and uses for finding and qualifying people who might need his company's services, turning these cold prospects into warm leads, transforming them into hot buyers, and closing sales. Make My Business Boom works with larger-sized local and regional businesses, multi-location companies, and e-commerce sites.


Chaz explains the multi-pronged strategies outsourced Virtual Assistants can use to feed contact info into outreach funnels

1) Look for potential “foot in the door” opportunities, e.g.:

  • Companies spending for AdWords whose websites are not on Page 1
  • Websites that don’t have SSL installed
  1. Create a value ladder, place service offerings in ascending order of value and price. Offer free content (lead magnets) a website visitor can download in exchange for his or her email address.
  1. Use a lead scraper to collect semi-targeted cold leads
  2. Provide incentives for existing clients to give you referrals
  3. Management can develop manual prospect search procedures, write SOPs, create training videos, and then outsource manual prospect search activities to Virtual Assistants.


Outsourced Virtual Assistants can help qualify and strengthen relationships with potential clients by:

  1. Remarketing prospects through emails that provide value
  2. Retargeting prospects by tracking Facebook blog consumption to determine areas of interest
  3. Segmenting prospects based on responses and refining free content as relationship develops


In-House staff should be used to convert cold prospects to warm leads by:

  1. Monitoring Facebook Ad interactions and website pages accessed to determine prospects' levels and areas of interest and readiness to buy
  2. Placing an exploratory call to define needs and establish a preliminary budget.
  3. Preparing a “customized” proposal using standardized modular components
  4. Placing a call, screen sharing, or visiting the client to present proposal. Try to close.


Some parts of Fulfillment can be outsourced, some can’t.


Client Management should always be in-house and is critical for reducing client churn. After the sale, follow up with biweekly or monthly phone calls to discuss KPIs, past activities, and plans.


Contact Chaz Edward through his Facebook page, on his company's website at:, or by phone at: 855.356.4161.