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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

Duff Ferguson is Partner and Founder of Amplitude Digital, a PPC and SEO digital marketing agency, Google and Facebook Partner, and three-time recipient of the Tech Innovator Award.

When Duff started what is today Amplitude Digital about 15 years ago, it provided general branding and marketing services. In 2015, it pivoted to focus on digital marketing, advertising, organic search, and e commerce, specifically on how clients could increase advertising spend, increase traffic, build their presence in online organic search . . . and then get a multiple return on that spend. Amplitude Digital compiles and analyzes “big data,” develops strategies, and strives to deliver first-page online rankings, breakthrough traffic, and high-performing ads. Typical clients are ecommerce companies selling packaged consumer goods on such platforms as Amazon, Google search, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Amplitude Digital maintains a 95% client retention rate.

Duff feels that Amplitude Digital is able to produce reliable, consistent results for its clients because the company:

  • knows how to build reliable information from digital data,
  • understands how digital bidding systems and online algorithms work,
  • develops dependable “white hat” SEO optimization strategies,
  • creates well-run, efficient pay-per-click systems . . .
  • and is able to identify and undo legacy “stuff” that is creating penalties and problems for companies.

Duff believes that what he calls “Real Talk” is critical to online success, and notes, in particular, these site components:

  • listing, title, and description quality;
  • sizing charts;
  • pictures; and
  • brand store information.

He notes that these are ingrained in today’s Amazon and Google algorithms, but, for long term success, companies will need to develop their own platforms so that they have the ability to control their data and know their customers (audience demographics).

The easiest way to find out about Amplitude Digital is on its one-page overview site at His company’s primary website is: