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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Apr 19, 2018

Jason Swenk, Digital Marketing Agency Advisor, Coach, and Mentor, provides a comprehensive framework to expedite agency growth and life-cycle agency management. In this podcast, he covers:

  • Vision: Where do I want to go and why do I want to do that? The importance and application of passion, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Position: Why specialize in one client-focused niche, master it, and then port that knowledge to other niches.
  • Defining your Offering: What are you offering and what is your price? Radical thoughts on pricing strategies that will maximize profits—How to figure out what to charge, when, and why it really isn’t about the money.

Jason also defines the critical mass for selling your agency at a profit, why you should say “No” to Earn-Outs, and how to handle RFPs and get the contract . . . at the right price.

To learn more about Jason’s online agency system training program for scaling your agency and increasing profits, go to: or google "Swenk It".