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The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

Julie Stoian, digital marketing consultant and tech coach at Create Your Laptop Life® and head coach and funnelbuilder at ClickFunnels talks about tools and training that can enable smaller company entrepreneurs in the online world to develop powerful, customized sales and marketing tools . . . without hiring expensive technical experts or big-budget marketing firms.  


In this candid interview, former nationally-recognized social media blogger Julie Stoin discusses how divorce, a surprise pregnancy, a desire to impact the lives of more people, and business savvy inspired her to envision and invent what grew to be, in only a few years, a million-dollar-plus business. This initiative, Create Your Laptop Life, is a coaching program and course that has provided thousands of entrepreneurs with the needed skills and strategies to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.


Julie also builds marketing funnels, writes, and coaches clients at Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels (, a company that provides entrepreneur/owners at smaller companies with a comprehensive online marketing, sales, and product delivery tool. Components of this fast and effective do-it-yourself, plug-and-play tool include a central dashboard, a drag and drop webpage editor, sales funnel templates with conversion functionality, smart and up-sale capable shopping carts, affiliate program software, and email and FaceBook marketing automation.

Julie can be contacted at: through her agency course, Proposal Secrets at:,