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Jan 31, 2022


The boys revisit one of their favorite topics: BIGFOOT. This week Tim shares the infamous Ape Canyon bigfoot attack in which miners in the pacific northwest were attacked by - you guessed it - a group...

Jan 24, 2022


Intermission Memories, simply put, are memories of what happens between death and rebirth. It seems far fetched, but as Leslie Kean explains in her book Surviving Death, there doesn’t seem to be any...

Jan 17, 2022


This week the boys talk about the world of spirit mediumship and non local minds. With stories from Leslie Kean’s book Surviving Death, Zach shares some truly incredible experiences that simply...

Jan 10, 2022


Pope John Paul I died under mysterious circumstances just 33 days after he was elected to the highest position in the Catholic Church. Did he know too much, did someone - or some organization - have it...

Jan 3, 2022


This week Tim discusses Len Kasten’s book about a secret mission by the US Government to visit Planet Serpo. Which alien races did they encounter? How did they prepare? What did they observe about an...