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Feb 28, 2022



Take a journey across land, sea, and time to hear about a mysterious underwater city in Japan.  Situated only about 100 meters offshore and about 50 meters under the water are a collection of...

Feb 21, 2022


Donald Trump continues to claim that he won the 2020 election despite overwhelming and conclusive evidence to the contrary. He claims that “The Big Lie” is actually Biden and the media saying that...

Feb 14, 2022


5G has been the source of crazy conspiracy theories ever since its roll out. Does 5G cause cancer? Does it spread Covid? What’s the deal with those microchips in the vaccines? The boys will break it...

Feb 7, 2022


Flex your chrononaut skills and join the boys this week on a journey across space and time. First up, Zach and Tim discuss the super secret government program that transported kids through time, and -...