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Mar 28, 2022


Travel back in time this week as Tim and Zach discuss some truly unbelievable stories of ancient - ahem - aliens. Tim starts out the show sharing the bizarre Utsuro-bune incident of a spherical boat...

Mar 21, 2022


A crisis apparition is believed to be the spirit of a person under extreme duress or near death. Why do so many people all over the world report seeing apparitions of friends and loved ones close to...

Mar 14, 2022


Happy Saint Patrick’s day! This week the boys discuss whether or not some Irish mythology may in fact be based on alien encounters. It may seem far-fetched, but are the origins of popular Irish...

Mar 7, 2022


You may know Tom DeLonge through the music of his band Blink 182. But did you know that he’s also one of the leading - ahem - experts on UAPs, aliens and government disclosure? While it may seem...