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Apr 25, 2022


Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada is home to one of the most remote and pristine areas on Earth. It’s also home to a number of mysterious headless bodies! Join the boys this week as they try to...

Apr 18, 2022


It’s that time of the year when Americans are required to file their taxes. While this may sound like a fairly simple and innocuous task, leave it to the United States Government to have the most...

Apr 11, 2022


Sulfur. Ozone. Rotting meat. These are some of the smells associated with aliens, spirits, and Bigfoot. Although it’s not talked about often, witnesses to the paranormal often report very distinct...

Apr 4, 2022


COINTELPRO was a real FBI program under which hundreds of people and organizations were strategically targeted for illegal surveillance and harassment due to being labeled “subversion threats”....